A-Class Surfaces International introduces an innovative line of artistic stoneware, FUORIFORMATO from Italy. Fuoriformato is a fresh and exclusive approach to the world of big surfaces.

For the first time large-dimension of porcelain stoneware meets the explosion of color and the creativity of sketching. Not just reproduction of existent materials but also and above all the flair and fantasy of décor. The porcelain stoneware surface becomes a neutral sheet on which are reproduced decoration, texture, and images and with which to dare through the choice of out of the box solutions.

FUORIFORMATO - beyond offering a catalog with a sizable range of options - allows the design professional to personalize the design, with the idea of uniqueness and customization in mind.

A flexible project that opens up new possibilities for your aesthetic and design needs. It is available in three general lines:

ARCHITECTURE / DESIGN: single or blended shades in both neutral colors and a range of brighter colors.

GRAPHIC / DIGITAL: digital working of a neutral (smooth or textured) plate that features printed graphic or photographic material.

ARTISANAL / HAND-WORKED: the layering by hand of precious materials, metallic dust and colours enriches this (smooth or structure) plate.

FUORIFORMATO, the first entry in the market of its type, introduces a product where technology and artisanship co-exist in an unconventional, original manner.


1000X3000 – 39, 37” X 118, 11”


5, 6 MM / 0, 22”

Thanks to high level of performance of the porcelain gres, it’s possible to use FUORIFORMATO an exteriors for cladding and façade decoration, extending the concept of décor traditionally linked to interior design.


Despite the usual association between reduced thickness and big dimensions, FUORIFORMATO guarantees a strong resistance to mechanical stress, abrasion, chemical products, cold and the passage of time.


These characteristics makes FUORIFORMATO no just an architectural surface , but a true decorative material that can be used for work areas , dividing walls, sliding doors and myriad other interior design uses.

Production Techniques


Manual application on the surface with spatula, brushes, sponges and gouges.


Printing of field full decorations (le tinte unite) or textured decorations with screen printing equipment.


Hand-held application of metallic and precious materials (As Gold and Platinum).


Printing of decorations with digital files with colored inks, gold or platinum.


Hand-held and industrial application of grit and flakes of glass.


Highlighter Walls


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